Barangay VAW Desk

The Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Magna Carta of Women provides for the establishment of a VAW desk in every barangay. The Violence Against Women (VAW) Desk is a barangay-level facility which serves as a frontline service provider to victim-survivors who experience physical, sexual, psychological, economic, and other forms of abuse. It is managed by a VAW Desk Officer designated by the Punong Barangay and is usually situated within the premises of the barangay hall.

Functions of the Barangay VAW Desk

  • Assist VAW victims in securing Barangay Protection Order (BPO) and accessing necessary services.
  • Respond to gender-based violence cases brought to the barangay.
  • Record the number of gender-based violence cases handled by the barangay and submit a quarterly report on all VAW cases to the DILG City/Municipal Field Office and the City/Municipal Social Welfare Development Office (C/MSWDO).
  • Keep VAW case records confidential and secured, and ensure that only authorized personnel can access it
  • Develop the barangay’s gender-responsive plan in addressing gender-based violence, including support services, capacity building, and referral system;
  • Coordinate with and refer cases to government agencies, nongovernment organizations (NGOs), institutions, and other service providers as necessary;
  • Address other forms of abuse committed against women, especially senior citizens, women with disabilities, and other marginalized groups;
  • Lead advocacies on the elimination of VAW in the community and perform other related functions as may be assigned.

In order to raise the knowledge and capacity of the barangays and their designated officials and staff on the nuances and processes of the law as well as the detailed steps on the establishment and operationalization of their respective VAW Desk, the Barangay VAW Desk Handbook was developed. The protocols and procedures in this handbook are based on existing anti-VAW laws such as R.A. No. 9262 (Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act) and R.A. No. 9710 (Magna Carta of Women) as well as other applicable international laws and policies. The handbook adopts the VAW Performance and Assessment Tools for Services Addressing to ensure compliance with the highest standards of practice and procedure.

It is currently available in three languages (Filipino, Cebuano, English) and will soon be available in Hiligaynon and Ilocano. It is important for all Barangay VAW Desk officers to have a copy of the handbook to guide them on how to handle, refer, and record VAW cases brought to their respective duty stations.

As of June 2019, 37, 686 out of 42,045 barangays have established VAW Desks.