Core Values

The Commission lives by the following core values:

1. Passion for Excellence – the PCW establishes a culture where there is passionate commitment to bring out one’s best, characterized by high productivity, full engagement, attention to details, and inspired leadership. Excellence at Work provides a roadmap for the leaders at every level in the organization to build a dedicated and inspired workforce that is focused on achieving the vision and mission of PCW;

2. Professionalism – the PCW employees are competent and act with good judgment. They exhibit the appropriate behavior expected from a public servant. PCW employees conform to the ethical and technical standards of their profession or work. They are also courteous, conscientious, and act in a professional manner in the workplace;

3. Integrity – the PCW upholds honesty and ethical behavior in the daily practice of public service, which include, among others the proper use of powers and authorities, assets, resources, and funds according to the official purpose for which they are intended;

4. Teamwork – the PCW employees work together with respect and harmony, cooperating with each other to fulfill the agency mandates. The combined action of the various groups within PCW facilitates effectiveness and efficiency towards the achievement of the desired goals;

5. Accountability – along with transparency, accountability is one of the cornerstones of good governance. The PCW promotes a workplace culture where the employees accept responsibility for one’s actions.