Gender and Development Local Learning Hub

The Philippine Commission on Women (PCW), through its Local GAD Resource Program (LGRP), developed the Gender and Development (GAD) Local Learning Hub (LLH) as a certification program for local government units (LGUs). It aims to institutionalize the sharing and replication of local experiences and showcase GAD-related innovations to enable the LGUs to initiate and strengthen their gender mainstreaming efforts. This program is in line with the Magna Carta of Women (MCW), which mandates government agencies, including LGUs, to adopt gender mainstreaming to promote women’s human rights and eliminate gender discrimination in their systems structures, policies, programs, processes, and procedures.


As of 2020, PCW has certified 12 LGUs as GAD LLHs all over the country. Each LGU GAD LLH offers unique programs from a wide array of services and interventions on health, environment, social protection, child care, women-centered livelihood, GAD capacity building and advocacy, GAD-related database, and institutional mechanisms. These programs are aligned with achieving the strategic goals of Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment.

To ensure the sustained implementation of the certified LGU GAD LLH programs, services, and structures, the PCW conducts GAD LLH Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) through document review, site visits, and interviews to determine the opportunities and areas for improvement of these GAD related interventions. The results of these monitoring processes provide realistic and significant inputs to the M&E Reports to gauge the effectiveness of the GAD LLHs as a replication mechanism under the LGRP. It also enables the PCW to generate GAD-related information, validate periodic status reports of benchmarking activities facilitated by the LGUs, and identify critical areas for improvement or ways forward for the certified GAD LLHs.

Despite the varied nature of programs, services, target clients, and geographical locations of these Certified GAD LLHs, their sustainability is assured through competent and compassionate local leadership, dedicated implementers, and engaged stakeholders. The PCW looks forward to certifying more GAD LLHs as allies in building and maintaining violence-free and gender-equal LGUs and communities.

LGUs that are interested in being certified by PCW as GAD LLH should go through the following steps in the certification process:

LGUs with GAD LLH certification are expected to sustain the implementation of their notable GAD programs. In addition, they are required to facilitate the provision of GAD technical assistance requests from other LGUs and other institutions by sharing their good practices, provision of information and knowledge products, peer-to-peer learning/coaching sessions, and facilitating site visits or benchmarking activities. Certified GAD LLHs are also expected to participate in the assessment or learning sessions organized by PCW and provide feedback on the results of services provided to their stakeholders. LGUs seeking to adapt to GAD innovations can learn from the GAD LLHs and get inspiration to integrate GAD into local governance and public service.

For queries about GAD LLH Certification Process, interested LGUs may contact the PCW-Technical Services and Regional Coordination Division (TSRCD) through telephone number (02) 8736 7712 local: 110 or e-mail at


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