PCW Mission

The PCW is a policymaking, advisory, and coordinating body that leads in the development of gender-responsive policies, conduct of advocacy, provision of appropriate and strategic technical assistance, and monitoring and evaluation of plans and programs on gender mainstreaming towards a more gender-responsive government bureaucracy and institutions.

PCW Vision

PCW is a nationally and globally recognized premier policy-making and oversight agency on gender equality and women empowerment effectively collaborating with stakeholders in building a gender-responsive Philippines where women and girls are recognized, valued, and empowered as agents of positive change.

PCW Mandates and Functions

Major functions:

  • Institute the gender responsiveness of national development plans and coordinate the preparation, assessment, and updating of the National Plan for Women, ensure its implementation and monitor the performance of government agencies in the implementation of the Plan at all levels.
  • Undertake continuing advocacy to promote economic, social and political empowerment of women and provide technical assistance in the setting up and strengthening of mechanisms on gender mainstreaming.
  • Ensure that the gains achieved by Filipino women due to Philippine culture and tradition shall be preserved and enhanced in the process of modernization.

More specifically, the PCW:

  • Coordinates the preparation of Philippine development plans for women as well as their monitoring assessment and updating in cooperation with the national planning body and line agencies.
  • Acts as a clearing house and database for information relating to women.
  • Conducts gender-consciousness-raising programs.
  • Conducts policy studies and reviews legislation to integrate women’s concerns.
  • Provides technical services and ensures the development of institutional capabilities for gender and development (GAD) mainstreaming of government agencies and selected partners.
  • Monitors and assesses the implementation of laws and policies on women including the implementation of international conventions such as the Beijing Platform for Action.
  • Implements pilot projects for the delivery of services for women as the basis for policy formulation and program recommendations.

DILG Mission

“The Department shall ensure peace and order, public safety and security, uphold excellence in local governance and enable resilient and inclusive communities”

DILG Vision

“A highly trusted Department and Partner in nurturing local governments and sustaining peaceful, safe, progressive, resilient, and inclusive communities towards a comfortable and secure life for Filipinos by 2040”

DILG Shared Values

“Ang DILG ay Matino, Mahusay at Maaasahan”