Profiling and Certification of GAD Training Programs

The Philippine Commission on Women, as oversight body and authority on women’s concerns and lead advocate of women’s empowerment, gender equity and gender equality, is mandated by Republic Act 9710 or the Magna Carta of Women (MCW) to ensure that government agencies are capacitated on the effective implementation of the law. To fulfill this mandate, the PCW developed the National GAD Resource Program (NGRP) as its over-all technical assistance blueprint for the provision of timely, strategic and appropriate technical assistance on GAD. Since its inception in 2013, the NGRP has helped PCW achieve results particularly in expanding PCW’s efforts in GAD advocacy, capacitating its stakeholders on GAD and gender mainstreaming and strengthening the implementation of the MCW.

PCW recognizes that many training institutions in government, public and private higher education institutions, and the private sector have been offering GAD related training programs to different clients. There is also increased demand for such training programs especially from government agencies that have been including GAD capacity building activities in their respective GAD Plans and Budgets. With the growth of GAD training programs and emergence of GAD training institutions in the public and private sectors, the PCW deemed it necessary to introduce a system of certification to set standards in the conduct of capacity building on GAD in the Philippines.

Benefits of Certification

One of the benefits of having a PCW-certified GAD training program is the increased client enrolment as the training institution will receive technical assistance referrals received by PCW from individuals and local and international organizations. Furthermore, the training institution with certified GAD training program/s will receive the following support from PCW: 

  1. Review of GAD related training modules and its core messages to ensure that they are up-to-date and based on recent developments on GAD;
  2. Provision of opportunities as a venue for sharing of good practices to strengthen GAD training capabilities;
  3. First hand access to GAD-related materials, tools, policies and guidelines developed by PCW, including those shared to PCW by other institutions;
  4. Attendance to PCW-led advocacy campaigns, launching activities and other similar events; and
  5. Monitoring support for the improvement of the GAD Training Program/s.

Who are Eligible to Apply

Training institutions in public or private sectors may apply for the certification of their GAD training programs that have been offered beginning 2015 for at least three years consecutively or on a staggered basis. The training institution that offers GAD training program/s should be compliant with applicable government regulations such as PHILGEPS registration, Certificate of Registration from Bureau of Internal Revenue and Securities and Exchange Commission, among others. The training institution should also have the following resources in order to be shortlisted: a) existing GAD modules; b) in-house training providers; c) course design, syllabus or program guidelines and other documentary evidence of training delivery; and d) monitoring and evaluation tools and/or mechanisms. 

Certification Process

The certification process will comprise of three methodologies. These include: (1) desk review of submitted documents; (2) validation sessions and focus group discussions among key officers and staff of the institution as well as key informant interviews with trainers and clients; and (3) final assessment based on validation results, accomplished forms, and other supporting documents.  

The scoring process is guided by the following parameters: 

  • Content of the GAD Training Program Module – 50%; 
  • GAD Capacity of Training Providers – 30%; and 
  • Feedback on the Training Program – 20%

How to Apply

Interested institutions should accomplish the forms listed below and submit the required supporting documents to PCW for profiling. Copies of the required forms and the corresponding means of verification (MOVs), which are certified true copy should be compiled in a folder with proper label and submitted to PCW via email and/or courier. If soft copies will be submitted, files should be saved as pdf.

List of Requirements:

  • Letter of Interest
  • Accomplished Training Institution Profile Form
  • Accomplished GAD Training Program Profile Form
  • Accomplished GAD Trainer Profile and Assessment Form

Submissions by email and courier will be accepted starting April 15 until May 10, 2021.

Timeline of Activities

May 10 Deadline of submission of applications
3rd week of May Drafting of Profiling Report
1st week – 4th week of June Conduct of validation sessions
1st week of July – 3rd week of JulyConduct of final assessment
4th week of JulyEndorsement of the final assessment to PCW Management Committee
TBD (one option is during PCW GAD Webinar)Ceremonial certification 

For questions or clarifications regarding the profiling of the GAD training programs and/or GAD training institutions, interested parties may coordinate with the Technical Services and Regional Coordination Division at (+632) 8243-1131 or 8735-4767 loc. 110 | Fax: 8736-4449 email at attention Kimberly Anne Teodoro.