Unveiling the Sinister Truth: 1369 Filipino children a day face online abuse

In an effort to raise awareness and awaken the Filipino’s sense of justice on the tragic but very real social issue, DDB Group Philippines and the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) have joined forces to unveil a powerful narrative that delves into the darkest corners of society, shedding light on the harrowing plight of 1 in every 100 Filipino children who suffer from abuse.

In this film, viewers are transported into the heart-wrenching lives of those who have endured unspeakable horrors at the hands of their abusers. Through hard-hitting storytelling and passionate filmmaking inspired by true stories and driven by a unified call for action and change, the tales have captured the raw emotion and stark reality of their experiences, hoping to leave audiences not only stunned but also deeply moved.

“Every frame of this film is a testament to the strength and courage of survivors,” said Diane Chua, Managing Director at Tribal DDB, a DDB Group Company. “Their stories may be painful, but they are essential in shining a light on the pervasive issue of abuse, often perpetrated by people they love and trust, igniting a collective call to action. These are not just ‘family matters’; abuse is a public issue we, as a nation, should resolve.”

From the innocent child whose trust is shattered by those meant to protect them, this narrative exposes the sinister truth lurking beneath the surface of society. It is a reminder that abuse knows no boundaries, affecting individuals from all walks of life and leaving scars that may never fully heal.

“We cannot turn a blind eye to the suffering of our fellow Filipinos,” stated Atty. Khay Ann C. Magundayao-Borlado, OIC at PCW. “It is our collective responsibility to stand up against abuse in all its forms and create a safer, more compassionate society for future generations.”

As the film progresses and the truth sinks in, viewers are left with a newfound sense of justice and determination to be agents of change in their communities. “We are calling on individuals, organizations, and policymakers alike to join forces in the fight against abuse and ensure that every Filipino has the opportunity to live a life of dignity and free from fear, be brave souls who find the courage to speak out and seek justice,” cries Atty. Magundayao-Borlado.

Ultimately, the film aims to drive real action and rewrite the narrative, inspiring viewers to rise up and build a future where abuse is no longer tolerated, and these acts are reported so no more children are harmed.

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